Are you an expert in your field and searching for a way to catapult your business’s success?

Publishing a book can open up new opportunities for networking, more speaking engagements, and greater credibility – not to mention additional revenue streams from increased clients, higher quality clients, and royalties.

Alas, so many people dream of becoming an author but then never realize that dream. Others publish a book only to see it fade into obscurity.

The Author’s Journey is not easy, but is something at can be accomplished when you turn on the Author Switch!

The Author Switch Suite of Premium Products and Services

The Author Switch Podcast

Author Switch Podcast

This video podcast provides information and inspiration for authors – aspiring, new & established – that helps you turn on The Author Switch and keep it on. Episodes alternate between educational installments and conversational interviews with authors and experts.

Author Switch Live

Author Switch Live!

If you like the podcast, you’ll love the live events! The Author Switch Live! provides a live forum — on social media platforms and in person — to learn, grow, and share information and experiences that turn on The Author Switch and keep it on so that attendees can grow their business with books.

Author Switch Fellowship

The Author Switch Fellowship

This premier membership for discerning authors provides the resources and support you need to keep The Author Switch turned on. Educational information and the community help you keep your mind, body, and spirit in alignment so that you can grow your business with books.

Authorneering Banner

Success leaves clues. I’ve followed those clues to develop the Authorneering Framework which helps entrepreneurs, like you, write, publish and a launch a lead-attracting book in 90 days or less. This program, and associated resources, guides you in taking your book-based business from idea to reality so that you can grow your business and achieve your author and business dreams.

Author Diagnostics banner

Author Diagnostics

I’ve taken the knowledge and best practices of the publishing industry and developed the Author Diagnostics System. Using targeted and probing questions based on my framework, I can objectively analyze your idea, your brand, or your business, delivering a clear understanding of where you sit now, and how you can improve your position for better results.

Book Marketing Club banner

Book Marketing Club

You’ve published your book, now what? Promote your book so that you attract ideal clients, get more and better speaking gigs, and land guest spots on podcasts and in the media! Book Marketing Club provides discerning authors with the information, resources, and services they need to market their books effectively.

Carma Spence banner

Carma Spence, the founder of The Author Switch, is an award-winning, bestselling author, certified Life Coach, and Certified book marketer. She is also an award-winning speaker and editor. She provides coaching, consulting, and speaking services focused on turning on The Author Switch in your mind and keeping it on.

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