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Step Into the Spotlight with The Author Switch Clinic

Are you ready to take your book from concept to bestseller? Join us at The Author Switch Clinic, where once a month, we open our doors for a unique opportunity: a no-cost book coaching session with a focus on writing, publishing, or marketing.

What’s on Tap:

Each month, we select one ambitious author to receive personalized guidance and strategies that can transform their book journey. Whether you’re wrestling with writer’s block, navigating the publishing maze, or looking to boost your book’s visibility, this is your chance to get expert advice tailored to your unique challenges.

How It Works:

  1. Apply: Fill out the application with details about you and your book project.
  2. Selection: If selected, you’ll be featured in an exclusive episode of The Author Switch Podcast, where you’ll receive personalized coaching from industry experts.
  3. Transform: Apply the insights and strategies discussed during your session to elevate your book to the next dimension.

Ready to make your book dream a reality?

Apply now for your chance to be featured on The Author Switch Clinic and turn your book concept into a compelling reality. Your journey to becoming a published author is just a click away.

The Deets

Here are additional details about this opportunity:

  • Important: This is NOT an interview opportunity. You will be coached about your book or potential book.
  • The Author Switch Clinic is open on the third Monday of the month and is broadcast live on LinkedIn at 5:15pm Central. If selected, please arrive in the StreamYard Green Room a few minutes early. You will be provided with a link for the event.
  • Two weeks after the live broadcast, the video version of the episode is posted on YouTube and the Author Switch website. The audio version of the episode is distributed to a wide variety of podcasting platforms, including Spotify and iTunes.
  • You will be provided with the link so that you can share it with your audience.
  • Short-form videos may be created from the episode to help promote the show.
  • The Author Switch Clinic is only recorded live on the third Monday of the month at 5:15pm Central. If this time slot does not work for you, this opportunity is probably not for you.
  • Topics you can get advice on include anything along the Author’s Journey, from coming up with an idea, to writing, editing, and publishing, to launching and marketing.