Sometimes you think you’re going to write one book, and then you write another. Listen to Dawn Owens, author of Light After Layoff, tell her story and how the book she wrote was a bit different than the book she first set out to write.

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Show Notes for Episode 6: Dawn Owens, Author of Light After Layoff

Dawn Owens is the founder and Chief Executive Advisor of The Corporate Couch. She has more than twenty years of combined experience as a corporate communications professional, writer, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and spiritual teacher. She says her “superpower” is the ability to quickly help clients identify and uncover blocks within themselves and within their organizations that hinder them from exceeding their professional goals and objectives.

Her latest book, Light After a Layoff, equips professionals in transition with the spiritual tools needed to never give up. Find out more about the book and services she offers at

Highlights from Episode 6: Dawn Owens, Author of Light After Layoff

  • What do you do when the book you set out to write morphs into something completely different?
  • Dawn’s advice for new and aspiring authors
  • Having faith to go where you are called

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