April 8, 2024

Episode 65: Juggling Business and Your Book?

Time Mastery Secrets for Busy Entrepreneurs

Time-Starved Entrepreneur? Master These Time Management Secrets to Finish Your Book

Episode 65: Juggling Business and Your Book? Time Mastery Secrets for Busy Entrepreneurs

by Carma Spence | The Author Switch Podcast


Are you an entrepreneur struggling to find the time to write a book that could grow your business? You’re not alone. Many face the daunting task of balancing the immediate demands of their business with the long-term benefits of becoming an author. The constant battle against time can make it feel like you’re trying to climb a mountain with weights tied to your feet.

But what if those weights could be lifted? Imagine navigating your day with ease, knowing exactly how to allocate your time between your business and your book writing.

In this episode of The Author Switch Podcast, I share 24 secrets to mastering time management tailored for the busy entrepreneur-author. Drawing from personal experience and success stories of those who’ve walked this tightrope, I discuss a treasure trove of practical tips, tricks, and life hacks.

In addition, I explore how to channel your entrepreneurial spirit into your writing, transforming an overwhelming challenge into an achievable reality.

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Recap & Takeaways

Prioritizing Tasks

  • 02:22 The ‘Top Three’ Method
  • 03:14 Time Blocking for Creativity
  • 03:45 The 80/20 Rule for Authors
  • 04:22 Batch Processing for Efficiency
  • 05:11 Leverage ‘Dead Time’
  • 06:07 Set ‘Mini-Deadlines’ for Your Book
  • 06:59 The Two-Minute Rule
  • 08:42 Digital Detox Hours
  • 09:29 The ‘Eisenhower Matrix

Leveraging Your Unique Entrepreneurial Strengths

  • 12:32 Embrace Your Visionary Side
  • 13:26 Adopt Agile Practices
  • 14:24 Use Technology Wisely
  • 16:50 Implement a Feedback Loop
  • 17:36 Delegate and Outsource
  • 18:25 Focus on High-Impact Activities
  • 19:20 Leverage Resilience and Flexibility for Time Management
  • 20:21 Decisiveness in Time Allocation

Time Management Hacks

  • 21:12 The Pomodoro Technique
  • 22:37 Use Voice-to-Text Software
  • 24:12 Write in Sprints
  • 24:41 Automate and Delegate Non-Writing Tasks
  • 25:15 The 5-Minute Rule
  • 26:16 Use a Project Management Tool
  • 26:40 Reward Yourself

Resources Mentioned

All You Need Is the Right Roadmap
Agile: What You Need to Know About Agile Project Management, the Kanban Process, Lean Thinking, and Scrum Hardcover by Robert McCarthy
Agile Coaching by Rachel Davies and Liz Sedley<br />
Speak Your Mind, Write Your Book!
Write Your Book Without Typing a Word

Summary of Episode 65: Juggling Business and Your Book? Time Mastery Secrets for Busy Entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur myself, I know all too well the challenge of juggling a business and the realities of writing a book. I’ve been in the trenches, and in this episode of The Author Switch Podcast, I shares some time-honored time management strategies to help busy entrepreneurs like you make their book a reality.

In the first part, I share several actionable tips:

  1. Prioritization of Tasks: The “top three method” for daily task management, emphasizing the importance of touching each of the top three tasks every day. And I discuss time blocking and the 80/20 rule (Pareto Principle) to concentrate efforts on the most productive tasks.
  2. Efficiency Boosters: Techniques such as batch processing tasks and leveraging “dead time” (for example, while commuting if you’re not driving) are suggested to make mundane periods productive.
  3. Setting Mini Deadlines: I recommend setting flexible mini-deadlines for different sections of your book to maintain progress without overwhelming yourself.
  4. Digital Detox and the Eisenhower Matrix: I also highlight methods such as limiting digital distractions and using the Eisenhower Matrix to categorize and prioritize tasks and enhance focus and efficiency.

Then, because I know entrepreneurs have unique strengths that can be harnessed for maximum efficiency, I advise tapping into your visionary mindset to set ambitious book goals, adopting agile methodologies like sprints, and leveraging the tech tools you already use to streamline your writing process. I also touch on the power of feedback loops, delegation, and focusing on high-impact activities.

And of course, no time management toolkit would be complete without battle-tested hacks. Therefore, I cover techniques like the Pomodoro method, voice-to-text software, timed writing sprints, and the magical “5-minute rule” to overcome procrastination. I also swear by project management apps and the simple joy of rewarding yourself for progress made.

Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting your business journey, this episode is packed with practical, proven strategies to help you conquer the clock and make meaningful progress on that book you’ve been dreaming of. So get ready to level up your productivity and find the time to write.

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