Have you ever wanted to change the world for the better, but then felt like an utter failure because you were not able to accomplish that goal? Then listen to this episode of The Author Switch, for my guest Marc Ensign has something to say that you need to hear.

Audio for Episode 16: Marc Ensign

Runtime: 22 minutes, 10 seconds
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Video for Episode 16: Marc Ensign

Show Notes for Episode 16: Marc Ensign, Author of Be a Dick

Marc Ensign is a prolific storyteller, creative marketer, and accomplished musician who is an expert at breaking through the noise and starting movements. His latest book is entitled Be a Dick: How One Person Can Change the World in the Most Unexpected Way.

In this episode, we chat about how the book came into being and how a humble man, named Dick, inspired this inspirational book, and the movement it has spawned.

Highlights from Episode 16: Guest Marc Esign on Creating a Movement

  • The desire to change the world … and falling short of the goal
  • Meeting Dick and learning from his example
  • Highlights from the book, including a few touching stories
  • Timeless life lessons
  • Realizing he had been changing the world all along

You can find Marc Ensign here:

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