If you aren’t known for something, you won’t be known for anything. That’s why an author brand is so important. However, the idea can be quite elusive. In today’s podcast, I chat with Mark MacDonald about author branding and how new and aspiring authors can be known for something.

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Show Notes for Episode 12: Mark MacDonald

Guest Bio:
Mark MacDonald is a Church Brand Strategist for a national church communication and branding agency, coaching pastors and churches to become relevant in their community. He’s the bestselling author of Be Known For Something, has written 800+ magazine articles, and is the Exec Director of Center for Church Communication (Church Marketing Sucks, Creative Missions, etc). Over 30+ years, Mark has served as Pastor, Marketing VP, Creative Director, and Strategist; in one of Eastern Canada’s largest agencies, his own agency, for the 3000+ Florida Baptists, and most recently at one of the largest church consulting groups (Generis).

Highlights from Episode 12: Mark MacDonald – Be Known for Something

There were a lot of golden nuggets dropped in this episode, but here are the ones I thought were especially useful:

  • It’s OK if you don’t know where you’re going at first, as Mark’s Author’s Journey illustrates
  • Your brand doesn’t have to dome from your genre, it can spring from other sources, as well
  • One reason why outlining makes writing your book easier

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