April 29, 2024

Episode 68: The Myth of the Perfect Outline

Why Your Outline Will Never Be Perfect (And That’s OK)

Bust through false ideas about outlines and learn to work with the “Imperfect Outline”

Episode 68: The Myth of the Perfect Outline

by Carma Spence | The Author Switch Podcast


Unlock the secrets of effective writing in this episode of The Author Switch Podcast. I share why outlines are essential for successful writing, offering flexibility and guidance rather than restricting creativity. I also tell the tale of the “Turtle Author” and the “Rabbit Author” and share practical tips for using outlines to enhance your productivity and creativity.

Recap & Takeaways

  • 02:13 The Tale of Rabbit and Turtle Author
  • 04:15 False Idea #1 – It Must Be Detailed
  • 04:50 False Idea #2 – It’s Set in Stone
  • 05:35 False Idea #3 – It Must Follow a Standard Format
  • 06:37 False Idea #4 – It Reduces Creativity
  • 07:20 False Idea #5 – It Is Time Wasted
  • 07:57 The Reality of Writing
  • 09:44 The Pressure of Perfection
  • 10:55 Purpose of an Outline
  • 11:37 Tip #1: Set realistic goals
  • 13:00 Tip #2: A living document
  • 13:34 Tip #3: Periodic revisions
  • 13:54 Tip #4: Trial and error

Summary of Episode 68: The Myth of the Perfect Outline

In this episode of The Author Switch Podcast, I debunk common misconceptions surrounding creating an outline for your book. I argue that rather than stifling creativity, outlines provide a flexible framework that guides authors toward the completion of their work more efficiently. I introduce the contrasting approaches of the “Turtle Author,” who methodically uses outlines as roadmaps allowing for detours, and the “Rabbit Author,” who often gets lost in creative excursions with less structure.

Through engaging stories and personal experiences, including adjustments I’ve had to make while writing my own book, Public Speaking Super Powers, I illustrate how outlines are not rigid structures but dynamic tools that evolve with your project. I emphasize that outlines should serve as a tool to enhance creativity and streamline the writing process, not as a strict set of rules.

Tune in to discover how you can embrace the “turtle way” to achieve writing success, learn to manage the balance between structure and flexibility and prepare to shift the way you approach your writing projects.

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