AUTHORity Biz Strategies Live

May 13, 2023

Your Brand & Your Book

In this video, recorded during the May 13, 2023 meeting of AUTHORity Biz Strategies Live, I explain how your brand affects the books you choose to write and how you write them. I share that brand is the emotional experience people have when they interact with your business, and provide some iconic examples.

Then I share some practical steps for developing your own brand, including getting clear on your values, developing your mission and vision, and creating a brand promise. This brand promise becomes a filter for all the ideas you have for books, products, and services – if it doesn’t deliver on your brand promise, it’s not worth pursuing.

Ultimately, the goal of this video is to help you understand the importance of your brand in your writing and business, and give you some practical steps for developing your own brand. If you’re an author, entrepreneur, or anyone looking to create a stronger connection with your audience, this video may be of value to you.