February 19, 2024

Episode 58: The Goal-Oriented Author:

Ensuring Your Book Delivers

Don’t Let Your Book Fail to Reach Its Full Potential

Episode 58: The Goal-Oriented Author: Ensuring Your Book Delivers

by Carma Spence | The Author Switch Podcast


There are four things you need to consider to ensure your book reaches the goals you have for it. In this episode of The Author Switch Podcast, I share those four items so that you can have a more effective business-building book.

Recap & Takeaways

  • 01:43 Understanding Your Purpose
  • 02:53 Understanding Your Why
  • 05:46 Aligning Book Content with Your Purpose
  • 06:58 Aligning Book Marketing with Your Purpose
From Intention to Impact: How to Find the Why that Fuels Your Book

Episode 58: The Goal-Oriented Author: Ensuring Your Book Delivers

 Have you ever wondered why some authors effortlessly turn their books into business growing tools while others struggle to make an impact. One of the key answers I’m going to be talking about in this episode and that is aligning your book and all the stuff that goes around it to your goals.


Hello and welcome to The Author Switch Podcast. My name is Carma and I help entrepreneurs write a lead-attracting book in 90 days or less. And as I said before the intro, I’m going to be talking about how to align your book and your book marketing with your goals. Because when you do that, your book is better able to achieve those goals.


Because if your book is not aligned to your goals, it’s going to achieve a goal. But it may not be the goal you want. And then you’ll be disappointed. Because I’ve done that. I’ve been there, I’ve done that, I saw the movie and it’s, it’s not fun.


I’m going to be talking about four things that will help you move your book into achieving the goals that you want it to achieve.


And the   first one is to understand Your purpose.   Why are you writing this book? What do you want this book to achieve for you?


And there’s three answers to that question.


What do you want this book to achieve for you professionally in your business or your career?


What do you want this book to achieve for you personally? And that’s, that’s really just personally. Even if it achieves a business goal, it will also be achieving a personal goal. And you need to understand that. So you understand how your business and professional goals intertwine.


And finally, what do you want your book to achieve for your audience? Because if it is not achieving something for your audience, your audience isn’t going to read it or your audience is going to give it bad reviews or your audience isn’t going to buy it in the first place.


So your book needs to achieve three types of goals. Your professional goals, your personal goals, and the goals of your audience. So you need to understand what those are first before you move on to anything else.


Now,   once you’ve got that down, you need to understand your why.  And again, I want to ask you to dig deep because it’s really easy to answer this question with, Oh, I want to   make X number of dollars,  or I want to bring in X number of clients. But it is your deeper why that really drives you forward and also intersects with those goals you just did so that your book can achieve them.


So I want you to understand your why because the better you understand your why, the better able you will be to do the things you need to do in order for your book to achieve your goals.


And I did do a podcast earlier that was all about all the different things that basically how to come up with your why. And I will drop a link to that episode in the show notes . So look in the show notes and you’ll see a link to the other episode where I really dive deep into what your why can be and how to understand what that why is.


Before I go into the second two things, let’s break for this brief commercial break.


Welcome back to the podcast. So in the first half before the commercial, I talked about understanding your purpose and how it had three aspects, your personal, your professional, and your audience’s goals.


And then I talked about understanding your why because When you understand your why and you deeply connect with it, you are better able to do all the things you need to do in order to help your book achieve its goals.


Now I’m going to talk about the other two things that will help you be a more goal oriented author so that you can ensure that your book delivers on what you want it to and your audience.


  And the third thing is aligning the content of your book with your purpose.  That’s why you need to understand what your purpose is. Once you understand your purpose, professional, personal audience, now you can figure out what kind of content needs to go into that book in order to serve that purpose.


Now, this also plays into your brand promise, which is outside the scope of this particular episode, but basically your book needs to deliver on your brand promise and move you closer to your goals and your audience’s goals. And by understanding all those things, you’re able to understand and figure out and determine and identify what needs to go into that book in order to get you closer to that goal.


And again, you want to make sure that aligns with all those three, the professional, the personal, and your audience goals.


And finally, now that you’ve understood your purpose, you’ve connected deeply with your why, you’ve made sure your book has all the things it needs to have in order to move you closer to those goals,   now you need to align your marketing to your purpose.  That means your prelaunch strategy. That means your launch strategy. And that means your ongoing marketing all need to serve your purposes. All three of your purposes.


When you take a look at your purposes. What pre launch strategies will best help you move toward those?


For example, let’s say your professional purpose for this book is to attract leads in a certain market. Then you know that your marketing needs to be aimed at that market. If your personal goals are to free up more of your time, you’re going to select marketing strategies that will empower you to free up more of your time.


You’re not going to choose strategies that are going to have you staying up from 5 o’clock in the morning till midnight working on this stuff. You’re going to choose strategies that are easier for you so that you can free up your time and feel more energized about your book. And if the audience’s goal is to, for example, maybe your audience’s goal is to have more content that’s in their Kindle. So now you know that part of your launch strategy has to be pushing the ebook first and then making it available in other formats. Now, if the market you’re going for is more of an audio book audience, then maybe you should release the audio book first.


So you’re understanding your purposes and you’re aligning the types of marketing strategies that you’re using with those purposes.


Same thing with launch strategy. And then same thing with your ongoing marketing. And yes, I did say ongoing marketing because once it’s launched, that’s not the end, unless you don’t want any more of a sales. If you don’t care that you don’t sell any more books after the launch, then go ahead, stop marketing.


But if you really want this to be a lead generating book, you need to continually market the book in some form. For example, my book that just was on that commercial you saw, it was launched in January. It is now February and I’m still Marketing it.


Now, if you want to align your book with your purpose, your why, and you want to align the marketing with your purpose and your why, and you want to make sure that the content of your book aligns with all this, I recommend that you schedule a Book Idea Diagnostic with me and you can do that by going to authorneering that’s author n e e r i n g dot com forward slash book diagnostic.


I will also be dropping a link to that in the show notes. So. I’m here for you. And if you’re not sure you want to book Diagnostic, you can always schedule a Curious Conversation with me at CarmaSpence.com/schedule, and we can talk about what would be best for you moving forward.


This is Carma Spence of The Author Switch Podcast saying ciao for now, and see you next week.

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