The Guest on Episode 2 of The Author Switch is Cayman Kelly, a multimedia professional, host, actor, author, radio personality, and leading voice-over artist known for his smooth and contemporary prime-time sound. This month, he released his debut book From $6 an Hour to a Million Dollar Dream. Listen in as he tells his story and shares how he came to write a book.

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Show Notes for Episode 2: Cayman Kelly

About Kelly

From humble beginnings as a teenaged volunteer at a radio station to one of the most recognized voices in the nation, Cayman Kelly now has more than 20 years of experience as a voice artist and radio host, including a national show on Sirius XM’s Heart & Soul. Kelly’s book, From $6 an Hour to a Million Dollar Dream, helps guide readers on how to set their own goals, take positive action, and begin building a network of support to last a lifetime. Throughout his narrative, Kelly tackles the important task of explaining how to deal with the haters and naysayers, all while staying true to one’s own unique gifts and purpose. And most importantly, Kelly helps readers define and understand the true meaning of success, which includes learning from and leveraging life’s inevitable failures.

Highlights from Episode 2: Cayman Kelly

  • How Kelly got his first radio job right out of college
  • Why Kelly chose to write a book
  • How he decided which direction his book would go

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